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Family Care

With ongoing chiropractic care, we can help family members of all ages enjoy a healthy life...

Infants, children and teenagers have nervous systems the same as adults. They are susceptible to the same stresses and traumas that we are. Many people believe that since children are very flexible and don’t have old injuries that have healed wrong, that falls and stresses don’t affect them. The fact is children sustain injuries just as adults, so they need wellness care like the rest of us.

Remember that chiropractic care is a great foundation for growing bodies. When we remove the interference in the nerve impulse between the brain and body, we enable the entire body to work and grow better.

Dr. Jeff has treated patients from newborns to the elderly. We recommend that the whole family receive chiropractic care, not only when they have symptoms, but on a regular basis to prevent problems and stay healthy. You want the best for your family. So, consider regular chiropractic care for your entire family so that everyone can enjoy optimum health, regardless of their age or stage in life.

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